• Jason Errey

    OEMG Global

  • Jason Errey is the director of OEMG Global, an innovative ground modelling consultancy he co- founded in 2009. He is the key innovator for OEMG’ award winning Integrated Digital Ground Model (NSWBC State Excellence in Innovation Award 2015) which redefines the way we view project risk. The IDGM empowers decision makers and facilitates sustainable infrastructure development through the avoidance of engineering, construction and environmental risk in the design phase, providing considerable economic savings, prevention of environmental harm and improved social outcomes.

    Jason has overseen ground modelling for a wide range of civil infrastructure and engineering projects. A key project of note is the Eden Port Redevelopment for which OEMG has won multiple awards in 2018 including, Engineers Australia Most Innovative Consultant and the PIANC Working with Nature award from Brussels.

    He is the co-creator of OEMG Strategic Integrated Digital Ground Model (winner regional 2018 NSWBC Excellence in Innovation) which has been implemented for a variety of recent projects including Gold Coat Water, Bundaberg Tug Harbour Development and Geelong Port.

    Jason has more than 20 years of experience in experience in Environmental and Oceanographic industry, including extensive experience in managerial roles in Australia, the Middle East and Europe. He holds a Masters in Geochemistry from the University of New South Wales and is the Chairperson of the Board for the multi-award-winning environmental NGO OzGREEN.