• Ian Gray


  • Ian Gray is a construction professional with over 25 years’ experience delivering road infrastructure. He started his career on site in the UK, before emigrating to New Zealand, where he was responsible for the management of several of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA’s) procurement manuals; supplier performance and Prequalification systems. In 2006 he started work with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), where he is the Director (Delivery Risk). In this role Ian is responsible for the Risk, Insurance, Schedule and Estimating function of TMR’s Project Delivery Division. Ian has implemented many business improvement projects, such as risk context profiling, to reduce risk and increase confidence in the delivery of over 100 of the state’s largest infrastructure projects worth in excess of $25Bn. Ian holds an honours degree in quantity surveying and is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

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